Taiwan media about 15 thousand terrestrial insurance in Taiwan were excluded lata-01

Taiwan media: about 15 thousand of terrestrial insurance in Taiwan are excluded from the original title: terrestrial insurance in Taiwan was "water" about 15 thousand people were excluded [Global Times special correspondent Peng Zefeng Cai Yingwen decided to bud distance] will mainland students into less than half a month after the NHI, the DPP authorities 3 days they decided to significantly limit the range of terrestrial nhi. According to the Taiwan free electronic newspaper reported on 3, presided over the "ruling decision coordination meeting in October 24th when Cai Yingwen decided to terrestrial NHI, all the premium paid. 3 at noon, "Premier" Lin and DPP "legislators" held "lunch", decided through "legislators" proposal to amend the "National Health Insurance Law", the mainland students in addition to pay premiums must be fully insured, is defined as "permission to study in Taiwan, as for the students" short term exchange to Taiwan students or just to Taiwan credits without a degree, are excluded. The Executive Yuan spokesman Xu Guoyong said, the short term or one year exchange therefore decided not included in the The stream never stops flowing.. United News Network 3, said Taiwan’s Ministry of education to provide the data show that in September this year, more than 15 thousand people born from the mainland was non degree, more than 9000 students are students. That is to say, terrestrial NHI about 15 thousand people were excluded, the total number of 63%. When the electronic newspaper bluntly, the move is tantamount to significantly limit the scope of the health insurance into the land. A, a Taiwan expert at day 3 to accept the "Global Times" interview analysis, the DPP sharply limit the Lu Sheng system, because of the pressure of "Taiwan independence". Some legislators have objected to the terrestrial NHI, they want to have a lot of supporters or voters, and the "Pro independence" molecules in many areas, such as Amnesty Chen Shuibian on issues such as Cai Yingwen and Cai Yingwen in the concession, certainly not concede the big issue, we can only make some compromise on some of them think things. The mainland scholars also said that the Taiwan students in the mainland contrast treatment, as well as the mainland compatriots of the "national treatment", "look at all the Taiwan authorities in advocated human rights situations attitudes and policies, believed to be made against". Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: