Talking about the 92 consensus correspondence’s Taiwan Affairs Office around the past – in the new n

Talking about the "92 consensus" correspondence’s Taiwan Affairs Office: around the past – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, Taiwan’s day prior to the ARATS letter informed the personnel changes, letter did not mention the "92 consensus" related content. Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang in response to the Taiwan Affairs Office press conference today said that the "92 consensus" is not around the past. A reporter asked, in September 12th, Taiwan to the mainland to the SEF announcement of personnel changes, but the letter did not mention the relevant content of "92 consensus", a spokesman for comment on this opinion? The current communication mechanism on both sides of the NPC and CPPCC shut down what time will have new progress? Ma Xiaoguang said that President Chen Deming has written the ARATS responded. September 12th really received the letter of the SEF there is no obviously, "password", from all walks of life in Taiwan are very disappointed. Ma Xiaoguang said, "92 consensus" is not around the past, only the Taiwan authorities formally authorized to confirm the SEF ARATS adhere to the "92 consensus" that embodies a China principle of political base, NPC and CPPCC negotiation and contact mechanism can be extended.相关的主题文章: