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IBM open source DIY technology | cardboard robot: TJ Bot- Sohu technology from IBM Author: Maryam Ashoori machine of the heart: Du IBM open source compiler in F. Hirth a DIY board robot: TJBot, called the world of Bot enthusiasts to make their own personalized Bot. Project address: TJBot continues the spirit of the manual community, it is a set of DIY toolkit, allowing you to build a programmable cardboard robot driven by Waston. The robot is composed of a cutting board (3D printing or laser cutting), Raspberry Pi and other plug-ins (including a RGB LED lamp, a microphone, a servo motor and a camera) a. At the same time, TJ Bot is an open source project, we can view the relevant guidance on Instructables and GitHub. IBM’s team has provided three TJ Bot boot instructions, but they want everyone to contribute their own DIY robot assembly instructions. The following is the production process of the existing TJ Bot: TJ Bot is a cognition (embodied), an example, that is, artificial intelligence implanted in your daily life of specific objects. In this example, we put the Watson technology into a cutting board, imagine the walls of your home, your furniture or a variety of objects in your home can have these capabilities. One of the key points to create a cognitive body is to understand how people interact with things. Interaction with these objects, such as interaction with TJ Bot, is more natural than interaction with existing computing devices: you don’t need to type the keyboard, you can just use the voice command. Whether you want to write a "big idea" code, or the completion of a task assignments, can participate in the TJ Bot open source project to. © in this paper, the heart of the compiler to compile the article, reproduced please contact the public number to obtain authorization. ————————————————? Join the heart of machines (full-time reporter Intern): hr@almosthuman submission or seek reports: editor@almosthuman advertising business cooperation: bd@almosthuman &相关的主题文章: