That is, to buy a fashion show is perhaps a news hype scam (video) bree daniels

That is to see that buy Fashion Show maybe scam fashion headlines a news network reported the Hype: the new season of the New York fashion week has been opened, there have been added that fashion brands look to buy fashion show, but the collective madness behind, some analysts believe that this may be a news hype scam. The fashion industry seems to love the repair work for rapid system, at least not too late, whether through social media Instagram Star Magazine save sales decline or boarded the fashion show stage to attract a large number of media and consumer attention, now some brands in order to avoid re take the old road, hopes to get more young consumers from the T station to change the retail model the attention, but it also raised the stakes. Is more close to the seasonal cycle, the British luxury brand Burberry in leading outgoing Christopher Bailey, announced the change from T station to the retail model for the view that bought in February this year, followed by another brand have to follow similar changes to see and buy strategy, so that consumers can directly buy T clothing after the show ended, without waiting for six months. Alexander Wang announced that it will be used in the brand fashion show that is to see the Buy mode, Olivier Rousteing also announced that the latest release of the Balmain series when it comes to buy. Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Vetements has implemented a similar plan. As of this week, Tom Ford and Thakoon have released that look to buy Fashion series, on-site observers said the move is more that is to see that buy the concept of topic gained media exposure, and that is to see that buy system is effective, sales have marked improvement is still unknown. 2017 spring and summer New York Fashion Week: Tom Ford that is to buy on the offer of the autumn and winter series with Burberry, Tom Ford and Mulberry and other models is different, the global fashion capital Paris is a different camp mode. Dior CEO Sidney Toledano earlier analysis said: "this is used by some companies to promote speculation means core products may use brand of this mode is not active, I think it helpful to some brands, but there is no meaning for us." Indeed, this suggests that there is a risk of a market driven fashion, Sidney Toledano quoted Apple founder Jobs as saying: "but this is not the customer can make decisions." For designer brand users, he pointed out: "the desires and dreams is the two part of the purchase process, our customers do not need another way of marketing, marketing will stifle creativity, I heard too much." The industry said, "this is to buy" watch fashion show model may never happen in Paris, because you have to pass the French fashion union considered, and the brand also has strict standards, the Union will cut, and based on the creative process, and the process of internationalization of choice clothing designer, and let"相关的主题文章: