The 3 meter long Cobra farm dog into the bathroom drilling coscoqd

The 3 meter long Cobra farm dog into the bathroom in 3 pm yesterday, Mingxi County police received 110 calls: p.spinosa farms into the Fang Zhen Mei Xi Cun Hu was a great king cobra, sos. Snake Print master took more than 10 minutes to catch the king cobra. Call for help is order! Mingxi fire brigade is on typhoon, immediately called the experienced soldier rushed to the rescue, Hu Fang also mobilized police officers to the scene to evacuate the crowd, to prevent the escape of the king cobra assault, Xuefeng forest police for snake master, in order to effectively implement the rescue. Lin Jianbin, the owner of the farm, saw the rescuers and said in horror: "scared to death, this afternoon was woken by several dogs at home.". The depths of the mountain bark is very impressive, also attracted people around to observe, the original is a big snake into the farm, to eat here raise spinosa, the result is the electronic dog, and a step by step into the bathroom will be a snake. Lin Jianbin said: I was in fear of dogs sound to find the toilet, see hidden in the depths of the king cobra, was scared to death, not seen so much, will contact the snake have experience of a friend in the Jiaocun master Cao, but Cao master did not dare rushed to the hand, Cao master said, never seen stand up to 1 meters high, will be issued a "eat" scary voice of the king cobra. Xuefeng forest police station invites Qiu Shifu, who has the experience of catching snakes. He then showed extraordinary skill, professional tools, training, yinshechudong, Pathfinder on head, control the body, after more than 10 minutes of running back and forth, and finally the king cobra uniforms, put the snake in the net. Weighing, the snake is 3 meters long, weighs 4 kilograms, has a diameter of 8 centimeters, about beer bottle big, snake is about 4 years old, with snake eggs. The king cobra is the key protected wild animal in Fujian province. At 7 pm, rescuers released snakes into the inaccessible wetlands in the mountains. >

3米长眼镜王蛇钻进养殖场 被狗逼进卫生间昨日下午3时,明溪县公安110接到来电:胡坊镇眉溪村的棘胸蛙养殖场跑进了一条大眼镜王蛇,紧急求救。捕蛇的印师傅花了10多分钟抓住了这条眼镜王蛇。求救就是命令!正在待命防台风的明溪消防大队,立即召集有经验的战士赶往救援,胡坊公安派出所也调集人员到现场疏散围观群众,防范眼镜王蛇逃逸伤人,雪峰森林公安派出所寻找联系捕蛇师傅,以便最有效地实施救援。养殖场的老板林建斌见到救援人员,惊恐地说:吓死了,今天下午是被家里几只狗给叫醒的。大山深处的狗吠,非常惊人,也引来了周边群众前来观察,原来是一条大蛇钻进养殖场,要吃这里养的棘胸蛙,结果被护院的狗发现,并一步步将蛇逼进卫生间。林建斌心有余悸地说着:当时我循着狗的声音找到卫生间,见到藏在深处的眼镜王蛇,快吓死了,没有见过这么大的,马上电话联系在大焦村有捕蛇经验的朋友曹师傅,可是曹师傅赶到也不敢下手,曹师傅说,从没有见过站起来有1米高,会发出“吃吃”吓人声音的眼镜王蛇。雪峰森林公安派出所请来有捕蛇经验的邱师傅。他一来,就亮出专业工具,身手不凡,探路诱引、引蛇出洞、掐住蛇头,控制全身,经过10多分钟来回周旋,终于将眼镜王蛇制服,放进捕蛇网中。经测量称重,这条蛇长达3米、重4公斤,胸径有8厘米,大约啤酒瓶大,蛇大约4岁,怀有蛇蛋。眼镜王蛇是福建省重点保护的野生动物。当晚7时,救援人员到大山深处人迹罕至的湿地将蛇放生。>相关的主题文章: