The 98 CIFIT invited to the exhibition opening of overseas financial platform – Beijing 7470d

The 98 CIFIT invited to the exhibition opening of overseas financial platform – Beijing overseas financial platform exhibition in the new network on 8 September, 8, nineteenth Chinese international investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair") in the grand opening of the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition center. As a national key project of Quanzhou financial reform, Chinese financial platform are invited to attend the fair. As the world’s largest, most influential, the only large-scale investment in the theme of the two countries, has been the world’s attention. A full range of international business fair, star studded. In addition to politicians, business leaders, UNIDO director general Li Yong, vice chairman of the National Federation of Yifu Lin, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, chairman of Fosun Group Guo Guangchang attended the fair. This fair exhibition area of 138 thousand square meters, set up 6000 booths, scale called the history of the most. The fair will focus on national and regional industrial docking, docking, capital projects docking online and offline docking of the four themes. Overseas financial platform executive vice president, executive vice president Wang Weimin overseas financial platform Mr. Wang Weimin said in an interview: "development needs four themes of CIFIT very fit local enterprises such as our platform, to the fair opportunity of overseas financial hand will insist on going out, and actively docking capital projects. Communicate with the exhibitors on the spot, find more business opportunities and carry out cross regional and cross national cooperation". Overseas financial platform with a registered capital of RMB 100 million, to a new channel for the real economy and private capital, non bank financial institutions to establish financing, investment, payment and other Internet financial services, Internet financial information service platform is a perfect system, operating norms, funds and fulfill the third party custody to the competent departments of the State Ministry of report the preparation of. It is reported that this fair exhibitors Australia, Russia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and other more than and 100 countries and regions, more than and 600 overseas merchants group for participants, more than and 20 countries (regions) on the mechanism of each country’s investment environment and policies that the government. Such a global diversity in the region, in the industry with the authority of the industry of the feast, is bound to bring more new opportunities for the development of enterprises. China will continue to release as a two-way investment promotion platform, information platform and policy trend of investment research platform, build a good business environment for economic development.相关的主题文章: