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Reference-and-Education Volunteer management and volunteering program success is all about one powerful secret. For many years now, I’ve had the chance to work with and present to .anizations around the world on volunteer recognition, volunteer recruitment and retention. EXAMINING HOW TO ENSURE SUCCESS When looking at how to ensure the continual success of these .anizations and groups, there has always been one major reason that has lead to continuing success or ultimate demise. Too often, people assume that their volunteering programs would surely be more successful if only the following happened. TIME TO FIND MORE PASSION If only we had more people with PASSION. There are so many people who believe in their cause with great passion, but their .anizations are still disintegrating. Sometimes passion can keep you going against all odds but it can also blind you to alternative ways to get there. WE NEED TO WORK HARDER If only we had more people who would WORK HARDER. Even the most dedicated and hard-working paid staff and volunteers have not been able save their group or .anization heading stubbornly down the wrong path. TIME FOR MORE AND MORE MONEY If only we had more MONEY and RESOURCES. More money and resources are always useful but understand that there will never be enough money and resources. The more you have, the more your .anization’s needs expand to swallow that up and more. Indeed, even some of the most resource rich .anizations are barely recruiting volunteers and retaining them. As long as your catch cry is that it will all be right when we have more money and resources, you are destined not to make the most of what you’ve already got. THE OFTEN OVERLOOKED SUCCESS SECRET In reality, none of these are the number one reason. The real reason why your .anization or group may not ultimately be as successful as it could be with volunteers can be summed up in one word, it is your STRATEGIES. THE STRATEGIES YOU CHOOSE MEAN WIN OR LOSE Quite simply, it is the strategies that you adopt and use that will ultimately result in your success or demise. You can have all the passion, dedication, hard work and resources in the world. You can be a very large .anization with hundreds of paid staff and volunteers. You can be a small all-volunteer local group. It does not matter. It is the strategies you use to achieve your goals that will make all the difference to your ultimate success. LOOKING UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE Of course, strategies don’t stand alone but are part of your overall plan. But when you look under the surface of as many .anizations, large and small, as I have, it is frightening to see the strategies still being stubbornly used that have clearly not worked. THE TRANSFORMATION IDEA Here is an idea that will absolutely transform the way you work and I always emphasize this at my workshops. Please listen very carefully. WHEN IT IS NOT WORK THEN STOP DOING IT If a particular strategy that you or your .anization is using has really not worked and not produced the desired results you wanted, then STOP DOING IT NOW. PAY ATTENTION TO ALBERT EINSTEIN With the greatest respect, if you continue to employ an unsuccessful strategy without changing it at all, you are reinforcing Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. That is, continuing to do the same thing while expecting to get different results. You are just hoping for different results while going insane. DISCARD, KEEP, TEST AND TWEAK So instead of rushing around to get more passion, more money and to work harder, slow down. Stop and look closely again at the strategies you have used. Get rid of those that don’t work and focus on tweaking and testing those strategies that are working well. This is absolutely guaranteed to immediately multiply the success of your programs in volunteer recognition, volunteer recruitment and volunteer management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: