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The British and European Mac, price 20%, it should buy troubled Sohu Mac- & HAY! 16 tickets to invite you to participate in HAY 16 Digital Cultural Carnival. NASA, chief scientist of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming, the popular designer Zhou Ping, Qingshan gold clothing ant chief data scientist, BiliBili chairman…… 50 guests at home and abroad on November 4-5, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, see! Long press the identification of the following two-dimensional code registration: identification of two-dimensional code can get access to welfare tickets! HAY! The 16 super hybrid field one-day ticket giveaway! (the value of 299 yuan, after all the British screenings optional) isolated for nearly one thousand years, too much. Last night, a news spread throughout the Chinese Internet circles: since the referendum in June 23rd since the euro, the pound against the U.S. dollar has fallen by nearly 20%. Therefore, Mac Pro, Mac Mini prices rose 20%, iMac 4K and 5K to raise the price of $300, the new MacBook Pro price increases nearly doubled. Such bad news not only make the UK fruit powder Voices of discontent. As one of the best material, China eat melon crowd. In this news comment area, many users feel that apple is a microcosm of the price: the British economy, especially by the impact of globalization, the largest science and technology in this area is definitely a pill. Indeed, not to mention the issue of exchange rate, being isolated from outside Europe, meaning that talent, the market will shrink, capital attraction is greatly reduced, especially for start-up companies. It may make sense to make this judgment, but it underestimates the rich experience of the British in dealing with the continent’s isolation. In fact, just after the removal of Europe, the number of British venture picked up. A new report pointed out that the British venture backed startups in the third quarter of 2016 of the 110 transactions to raise a total of $834 million in funds, reversing a series of decline since April 2015. This shows that although the EU has caused many adverse factors, but investors are still optimistic about here. Is this because of the overall increase in investment? No, because of the global economic environment, the global venture capital is just down. The latest data from CBInsights and KPMG show that venture backed startups have raised $24 billion globally, down by 14% from the previous quarter. Look at this, the British venture capital results can really be said to be good. Why is there no real "pill" in Britain? The first is that when European startups are planning to leave London, they have nowhere to go. London’s language strengths, openness and flexibility in the government sector are still important considerations for entrepreneurs. Compared to other large companies gathered in places such as Berlin, London has more entrepreneurial related infrastructure and talent advantage. For some emerging cities such as Dublin, Amsterdam, London has a larger body mass相关的主题文章: