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Home-Securtiy Taser International recently released the latest consumer stun gun – the C2 Taser. This Taser gun was specifically designed to be used by the general public to protect themselves in case of an attack. It has nearly the same amount of stopping power found in police-issue Tasers, but it is lighter and friendlier to use. Unlike many personal stun guns on the market, the C2 is not shaped like a gun. It’s more like an electric razor. Its unique shape means that attackers are less likely to realize that it is a threat, which makes it easily concealable. Other, less expensive stun guns are shaped like a handgun, and thus more immediately threatening and harder to conceal. They also often have a less reliable battery than the C2. The C2 Taser can stop a threat up to 15 feet away, or can be used as a contact stun device to repel someone who is close to you. It .es with a replaceable cartridge, integrated LED light, optional laser sight, and trigger safety cover. The hand grip of this air Taser has been designed so that anyone of any size can use it. This is good news for small women who up till now may have had trouble with larger, bulkier models. The C2 also has a lifetime replacement guarantee and one year warranty. It runs on a long life, low-maintenance lithium battery that delivers more than fifty possible firings. When the C2 Taser is shipped, it is deactivated. The Taser gun can only be activated by Taser International once the buyer has passed a security and background check. This prevents convicted felons and underage persons from legally buying a C2 Taser. These devices also each have a unique serial number, and are equipped with Anti-Felon Identification tags, which allow police to track potential misuse. The C2 air Taser can be purchased at Inter. retailers and from Taser International – either through the web or by phone. It retails for $299 US and is available in designer colors such as Black Pearl, Titanium Silver, Electric Blue, and Metallic Pink. Over 10,000 law enforcement officers in this country are permitted the use of a Taser. For one the general public to purchase the C2 Taser legally, it will be necessary to check the local and state laws regarding such stun guns. Some states have restrictions on Taser devices. Some people believe that these air Tasers can be misused and must be further restricted, citing instances of police abuse. Others say that so long as stun guns are used correctly and legally, they will be safe. Strict background checks are currently required for the purchase of a C2 Taser. There is a small fee for the performance of this check, after which the purchaser will receive their activation code. Until this time, the Taser is nonfunctional. The C2 Taser is designed to be one of the most accessible stun guns on the market, usable by any adult. This makes the C2 the first really viable Taser available to the general public. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: