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The relationship between development and Chinese particularly important "– an interview with Argentina President Ma Kerrey – International – scan two-dimensional code to see more content in August 24th, Argentina’s president Macri told reporters at the presidential palace. He said, on the road of development, China and Argentina should move forward together." The horse will be in early September President Kerrey made a special trip to China, held in Hangzhou to attend the twenty G20 Summit (G20). He said, "the world is facing a variety of challenges, I look forward to the G20 summit in Hangzhou to make a significant contribution to addressing these challenges." Macri believes that the G20 summit provides an important platform for the exchange of views and seek solutions. He believes that this platform can play an important role in promoting innovation, encouraging investment, the implementation of sustainable development, promote inclusive development and other aspects. He said, I hope to be able to significantly reduce poverty in Argentina during the presidency, to achieve this goal, to build a more inclusive society, to create more and better job opportunities are particularly important." During the interview, Macri said, the last time I attended the nuclear security summit in Washington, I met with President Xi Jinping for the first time. I look forward to this opportunity to discuss the important issues of bilateral relations with President Xi Jinping at the time of the G20 summit in Hangzhou." Macri, Argentina’s new government is committed to re integration into the international community, the development of relations with China is particularly important". Macri said, I am particularly concerned about the complementarity of bilateral relations between China and india. In strengthening food security, Argentina is Chinese partners. Argentina needs to improve infrastructure, China has made great achievements in infrastructure construction. A complementary advantage between China and the United States will be better play." Macri said, "we must be highly in terms of infrastructure capacity China enterprises, the two countries have cooperation projects in nuclear power, hydropower, agriculture and other fields, including energy and railway construction related major cooperation projects have been launched. We have a clear goal to continue to promote bilateral cooperation." In addition to economic and trade cooperation, Ma Kerrey also suggested that China hopes to strengthen exchanges in the field of tourism and sports. "We hope to attract more Chinese tourists to Argentina. Now Chinese tourists every year more than 100 million people travel around the world, but the number of Chinese tourists to Argentina is very small, only about 30 thousand people a year." "I also hope to promote exchanges between the two countries. Argentina has advantages in the football field, the Argentine football, Chinese passion for football is also improving, I hope Argentina will become the development China football career partner." Macri also spoke highly of the contributions made by Latin American cooperation fund for Latin america. He said that China has made positive efforts in the development of Latin American relations, Argentina is very pleased to cooperate with China strategic cooperation, hoping that these cooperation can create a better job opportunities for both China and india". Argentina will host the G20 summit in 2018, Kerrey said, this is a challenge for Argentina". He is happy to be with China,相关的主题文章: