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The eighth China Shengzhong lake fishing fishing master won the about 800000 prize contest closing – Beijing 2016 Chinese Shengzhong lake international boat fishing contest Chinese Hunan’s army easily won the championship. Zhong Xin photo Beijing South on 20 September, (Wang Jue) 20, the eighth session of the China Shengzhong lake fishing contest in southern Sichuan County Shengzhong Lake scenic spot closing, thousands of Chinese and foreign fishing master competition, won the RMB about 800000 yuan bonus. It is reported that in September 17th to 18 in Shengzhong Lake standard competitive fishing pond at the 2016 China fishing master Tour (Sichuan South Station), attracted Chinese Sport Fishing Association released the latest (as of August 31, 2016) the top grade, grade one and grade two, grade three, catch and master a catch master. A total of 219 people, the competition for the 3.6 m number of fishing pole fish game, 4.5 m pole mixed fish fishing weight game. After the preliminaries, semi-finals, qualifying and semi finals, Xu Liang and Liu Xiaochun two players into the final results, showing the alternate leading status, fierce competition. Finally, from Hunan Yueyang contestant Xu Liang 3:1 won the tournament champion, runner up and second runner up respectively by Liu Xiaochun and Xu Yongqiang two players. Xu Liang told reporters that he is Shengzhong lake for the first time to participate in the competition, in the process of trying to catch formal before the game, he will feel the Shengzhong lake fishing pattern, environment and the density of fish are very good, very enjoyable to catch up. When the official game, he always maintained a calm state of mind and the appropriate rhythm, the whole body into the game, enjoy the game process, regardless of gains and losses, and ultimately hold the championship to get 10 thousand yuan bonus. According to the reporter was informed that in September 18th to 19 in Shengzhong Lake Phoenix Island waters at the 2016 China Shengzhong lake international boat fishing contest attracted 20 countries and 24 foreign players in 2016 China boat fishing halleluyah open finals 40 finalists qualified athletes, a total of 64 people. The competition for the canoe road sub fishing weight game, the match for fish, fish mouth, Mongolia red shoots 3 mixed fish, the body length must be greater than or equal to 20 cm, match the total prize money of $50 thousand. China Hunan player Yi Jun, Sweden’s Lars, Chongqing’s Wang Xi Chinese respectively with crown, runner up of the tournament, the champion player Ma Xiaohong Chinese, poor performance, ranking forty-seventh. I did not expect the first time to bell lake, on the championship, really very lucky." Yi Jun said, the first day of competition will dump rain, increased certain difficulty, but the water has not been much affected, he was still in search of about 10 meters deep water area, the same day caught more than and 30 fish. Yi Jun finally won the championship with a total weight of 3.07 kg, which is the heaviest single tail he took a fish with a kilogram of 0.57 kg. The army won a prize of $16500. It is understood that in 2016 the eighth session of the China Shengzhong lake fishing contest for national fishing enthusiasts, the competition for the 72 hour mixed fish (20 tail weight) race, a total of 162 teams of 648 participants, the total prize money of 425 thousand)相关的主题文章: