The final test Spanless Geely imperial GL quality

Spanless Geely imperial GL quality inspection finally, you know? Geely imperial GL will be listed in September 20th. The new car will be equipped with 1.3T and 1.8L two engines, the maximum output power of 129 horsepower and 133 horsepower. Transmission system and engine matching is 6 speed manual or 6 speed dual clutch transmission. This set of powertrain with the previously listed imperial GS. Yes, the pre-sale price of the imperial GL is 8-12 million. The car static blind test of all staff to participate in the test with goggles, turn down into the 4 cars (1 cars Geely imperial GL, 3 car class car of the joint venture) in experience, experience including car smell, vehicle noise and vibration, ride space, and then 1 to 10 points the final calculation of the average score, score of each car ranking. When I was blindfolded, the other senses will become more sensitive. After the announced 4 car blind test and the final answer, for I really deep impression of imperial GL. From the beginning of a moment to sit in the imperial GL car, I did not feel the pungent taste, I think this is the first step to get rid of cheap feeling, but also a major domestic car as necessary. Close the door, regardless of the sound or feel, can feel the heavy door, which is to create a sense of a key factor. When it comes to the door, I can tell, the average value of the door crack imperial GL is only 3.5 mm at the leading level in the same level models, formally raise a lot of the fine, improve the level of the imperial GL vehicle texture. Shut the door after the touch, I can feel the imperial GL in passenger’s body will be exposed to the position was used in the leather wrapped, the level of such material is not easy. Ride, even the rear seat, but also for passengers have a certain lateral support, greatly improving the comfort. Cushion of a slight rise in the front can be well supported to the thigh, which is a good ergonomic design. Space travel is very spacious, thanks to the imperial GL 2700 mm wheelbase and reasonable space layout, it is worth mentioning that the transverse space performance of imperial GL rear passenger performance in the comparison test of 4 vehicles among the best, I think this is mainly the imperial GL has almost pure flat rear floor, and the other three car rear floor has a high central bulge, thus affecting the rear passenger foot space, which may cause the horizontal enough spacious feeling. Test car sound effects, I need to get off the window down and feel the noise outside, imperial GL four door lifting convenience is very good. When I raised the window, you can clearly feel the imperial GL noise of other cars abroad are isolated, but unfortunately, can still feel a slight engine idle speed of sound and vibration. By the way, the sound of the wiper is also the smallest of the 4 cars. The above is the main content of static blind measurement, please see the results. Of course, we also conducted a comparative static appearance, but this kind of "beauty" things are subjective, you can click on the picture below, read the imperial.相关的主题文章: