The first silk road car Expo in Jiayuguan g227

The first silk road car Expo in Jiayuguan silk road to every event, with big bright and welcoming guests. In September 28th, the first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International RV Expo grand opening in the beautiful Gobi Pearl – Jiayuguan city. Huang Qiang announced the first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International RV Expo opened the vice governor of Gansu province Huang Qiang attended and announced the opening of Qu Guochun, deputy director of the Ministry of equipment industry division attended and delivered a speech, welcoming the Jiayuguan municipal Party committee secretary Liu Peng, deputy secretary of Jiayuguan Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yan presided over the opening ceremony on behalf of. Vice governor of Gansu province Huang Qiang (left two) to visit the first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International National Tourism Bureau, RV Expo Central Policy Research Office, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Automobile Industry Association, China Tourism Travel Association, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, King domain group, donkey mother travel network, KF international cultural exchange company, Chinese and English culture project communication scholars relevant national ministries, associations, enterprises and relevant foreign business representatives attended the opening ceremony. Huang Qiang announced the first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International RV Expo opening! Qu Guochun published ebullience speech. He said that the automobile industry is the pillar industry of national economy, car industry is an important part of the automobile industry, since the car entered China and independent production, the success in its development change rapidly, has formed a complete industrial chain. Especially the State Council "on accelerating the development of life of service industry to promote the upgrading of consumption structure guidance" and "2025" Chinese manufacturing enterprise investment introduction, car industry enthusiasm, market pull effect is very obvious. In 2015 the national car production and ownership reached 15 thousand cars and 40 thousand vehicles, car industry development momentum, the situation is gratifying. Qu Guochun said, Gansu has a long history, splendid culture, vast territory, rich in resources, especially the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" since the strategy, Gansu has become the forefront of the national opening to the west, has a huge development potential and broad space for development. Jiayuguan city is China mainland to Xinjiang and Central Asia, West Asia, Europe throat roads, traffic conditions, strong industrial base. Here is not only a perfect car travel, car is the development of the whole industry chain of ideal. Liu Peng said that Jiayuguan is an important node in the city Silk Road Economic Belt Gansu golden section, unique tourism resources, historical and cultural heritage, solid foundation of industrial economy, the development of tourism and car industries have obvious advantages. In recent years, Jiayuguan city adhere to the cultural tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry of the national economy to be nurtured, through the construction of scenic spots, build market, cultivate large industry, realize the industrial structure adjustment of large span and economic and social development of the big upgrade. Liu Peng said that the Jiayuguan international car Expo, for the development of the tourism industry and car city along the Silk Road, to build a new platform and space. Jiayuguan city will be in the correct leadership of the Gansu provincial government, the first to put up the banner of car industry, bigger and stronger light RV Expo brand, to create a famous room show, sales and operating base, to build a world-class RV camping destination, in order to achieve the construction of honor.相关的主题文章: