The hypocrisy in the circle of friends is a compromise to an imperfect world ratatouille

In the circle of friends is not a perfect world of hypocrisy to compromise the original title: the circle of friends is not a perfect world of false compromise Author: Wang Zhong source: China Youth Daily imagine your brain is implanted in a "Super Friends" — you can and must to relatives, classmates, colleagues and even the opponent to share their lives, others can give you points, point like, comment. At the same time, your circle of friends is also at a glance, with your daily life very closely tied together, basic necessities of life are the circle of friends, like, how much score determines your identity and status — you will not be because of this life and collapse? This is the network drama "black mirror" scenario, the heroine because the flight was cancelled a dispute, and the airport staff need to blurt out, "circle of friends" were sentenced to temporary downgrade punishment. The life is met, others sniff at, until a prison. Of course, the world described by the film and television drama, at least for a long time will not become a reality. In real life, some people to shield the circle of friends, some people will be regarded as a circle of friends privacy, even if a person has never used a circle of friends, but also does not prevent him in reality, have many friends. However, there is no lack of people will be regarded as a circle of friends a great center of gravity. For some people, the circle of friends is going to need careful management, otherwise you may like the TV drama envisioned, a careless loser. The reason is very simple, the network of social tools make people’s communication circle became larger, but the circle of friends has become almost all of the communication. Let the people with no line to win the goodwill only make their own circle of friends chelseagreat. Have friends to share a little story: the flight was two hours late, the plane, the plane has been seeing the same girl using a mobile phone repair with a map — her self portrait, until boarding, repair work can be completed, before departure is issued. This is called "pixel" retouching spirit, let friends feel inferior. But who can guarantee that the net number of points like most "Red Net" has not been so careful retouching? Fortunately, the circle of friends is only a record of the moment. You just need to smile, in the camera rub cracking sounds when you laugh, and don’t have to live like a "mirror" in the black people in the circle of friends, also want to smile in the face of the enemy. This circle of friends and acquaintances and strangers to accommodate the social networking space, there are observers keen to point out that all of the world compared to micro-blog, taunt of personnel that circle of friends is permeated with a "positive energy" exist. Everyone in the circle of friends to share their own is the bright side of life: careful lighting homemade delicacy photos, Pacific island resorts, the gym boldly exposed "vest line"…… Abstract chicken soup in the circle of friends have no sense of violation and inspirational declaration always several lines like the point of harvest. In the circle of friends to maintain positive energy attitude, the surface is in order to collect points praise, in fact, can also be achieved by other people’s point of positive self motivation. A delicacy, the next trip, a sweaty gym, have Jane Hao相关的主题文章: