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Legal The person responsible for documenting legal meetings, proceedings and other events is called a court reporter. Courtroom proceedings are also recorded by a reporter, and manuscripts previously recorded during the times mentioned previously are often used as evidence. The reporters must be extremely accurate as the results of a trial may depend on it. There are a number of ways that a reporter can use record the necessary information. The most traditional type of court reporting is called stenography, when the reporter uses a stenotype machine to document everything. The set of keys on a stenotype machine are very different than those that are found on a typewriter or .puter. They stenotype allows the reporter to use a .bination of keys that represent different phrases or words. They symbols that are entered are then electronically translated by a .puter into a document that is readable. Stenographers have a special dictionary that they have to maintain so that their keystrokes can be translated into text. Another method of court reporting is electronic reporting. The reporter uses special audio equipment to create a recording of the proceedings. The court reporter is responsible for monitoring the recording during that time. They also have to keep notes in order to properly match the voices on the recording to the people they belong to. A manuscript is then formulated by the reporter based on what was recorded. Voice writing is also a method used to record meetings and proceedings. The reporter repeats what is being said verbatim, into a microphone that is concealed by a hand held mask. This is called a voice silencer. They also have to make note of any hand gestures or motions. The mask .pletely covers the mouth and allows the reporter to record without anyone else being able to hear them speak. A transcript of the recording is produced following the proceedings. They often work as a notary public as well. A notary public is appointed and regulated by the government. Just as there are different types of court reporting, there are different tasks that notaries perform as well. Depending on the kind of work a notary does, they are required go through different, more specific training than that of a reporter. Court reporting is an interesting job, and it does not require a four year degree. There are several programs that are available where someone who is interested in a reporter can take the required classes and be.e certified. Court reporters are also fairly well paid, earning around fifty thousand dollars a year in salary, with additional bonuses added per prepared transcript page. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: