The landlord and tenant deposit all housing property disputes items thrown corridor

The landlord and tenant deposit all housing property disputes items thrown corridor original title: tenants were burglary cleaning items recently, Ms. Yan Haidian District residents reflect, because the landlord house and signed a contract with her all existing property disputes, on the afternoon of 24 she rented house by house owner sent parents were forced into, out of the house frame goods are lost to the corridor. Ms. Yan found the corridor inventory items, there are missing, and the police. Rent was painting parents are stand out according to Ms. Yan, she rented a three bedroom house in Haidian District City North Park district. October 24th at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the man came to her home in the more than and 10, forced her nearly ten years of parents out of the door, and replace the door lock, and then the door of the door, and the door of the. The mother did not have time to wear shoes and coat, she is old, cold and frightened, then was sent to the hospital". According to Ms. Yan understand, and she signed a contract with the landlord to hold a real estate license housing disputes. In April 2015, she passed the Beijing Guancheng Hotel Property Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Ken, the housing rental property company). Rental contract shows that all the housing for Mr. Zhu, the lease period to April 2018, a total of three years. According to Ms. Yan recalled, when renting, Mr. Zhu issued for others, and in the decoration materials, the property staff also said that the house for the unit to Zhu’s housing, indeed for all of Mr. zhu. There are property to testify, I thought the house is Mr. zhu". Ms. Yan to pay 3500 yuan commission to Ken property company, pay the rent and deposit to the landlord Mr. zhu. At the end of last year, a woman surnamed Kim several times came to Ms. Yan home, claiming to have the housing real estate license requirements, staying in the house. Ms. Yan contact with the landlord Mr. Zhu, the other side said that the housing units are divided into their own, Ms. Wang is the company on behalf of the holders, so she continued to rent. After that, Ms. Yan house had been painted. Ms. Yan said, after the event has repeatedly reflected to the property and Mr. Zhu, asked to negotiate with Ms. Kim, but no results. The loss of tens of thousands of items to be thrown corridor alarm the night of October 24th, a few men to guard the rental housing, Ms. Yan and his family want to get into the house to get cash, ID cards and other items were rejected. The second day, Ms. Yan received Ms. Wang’s phone, asking her to have to move out before 3 in the afternoon that day, otherwise we have to clean up all the things inside the house. More than 3 in the afternoon, Ms. Yan was informed by neighbors, she was admitted to the housing rental items. 25 at 4 pm, reporters on the scene saw the corridor filled with refrigerator, clothes, mattresses and other items, all kinds of paper boxes stacked together with the messy. Ms. Yan alarm, Huayuan Road police station after the scene to participate in the investigation, it is suggested that Ms. Yan through legal channels to resolve disputes. Ms. Yan said that after the incident she had repeatedly asked to come home to take out personal items, but were rejected, the children’s bags are in the house, has not been able to get out". Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Yan in the inventory of items stacked in the corridor, found something loss alarm again, "the room should have something else, but out of the drawer jewelry disappeared, coupled with the loss of 2相关的主题文章: