The man bought huge betrothal marriage cohabitation is less than 3 months. gigolos

The man bought huge betrothal marriage cohabitation less than 3 months will break the original title: huge betrothal marriage cohabitation broke up in March to buy legal network in Zhengzhou on 9 October, (Niu Yanjun Zou Pengju Li Dandan) October 9, 2016, Fugou County People’s Court concluded with the marriage of property dispute case, the verdict the defendant Chen C, Chen Ding, Mao Mouyi in ten days after this judgment in force returned to the plaintiff Li Moujia, Li Mouyi 88400 yuan; the defendant Chen C dowry: quilt 12, a wooden frame, one owned by the defendant Chen Moubing all. Li Moujia and Chen C free love engagement. 2015 lunar July 26th engaged in the house to Chen Ding engaged the bride price 36000 yuan; in 2015 September 9th of the lunar calendar in the home to Ding Caili Chen 80000 yuan; in 2015 September 16th of the lunar calendar in the house to Chen C with the bride price 24000 yuan; Chen C telephone recording admission, the court found the three defendants to accept the bride price to 136000 yuan. Another investigation, Chen C dowry: 12, a wooden bed, wash basin a Li Moujia home now. Chen C on 2015 lunar new year in November 20th to leave Li Moujia home to live. Fugou court held that: Li Moujia and Chen did not apply for marriage registration cohabitation. The dissolution of cohabitation does not need to go through legal procedures, the two sides can lift. Property relations due to cohabitation is engaged, "marriage" to accept betrothal gifts should be appropriate to return, in this case, Chen C, Chen Mouding, Mao Mouyi meter accepted the plaintiff bride price money 136000 yuan, because of Li Moujia and Chen C living for a short time is living under the age of three months, the press sixty-five percent the return of three, the defendant shall return the plaintiff bride price money 88400 yuan. The defendant Chen C dowry to Chen C all. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, make the decision.相关的主题文章: