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The rapid rise of augmented reality technology smartphone will disappear in the future? Beijing – iWorld2016 Digital World Expo, VR, AR experience of long queues in front of. Xu Yang Beijing, August (Xinhua) (30) () touch screen smartphone or will disappear, because augmented reality (AR) technology is opening a no screen world. Of course, it needs to overcome the realization of many technical barriers, the concept of hot AR is still facing the reality has not yet landed. What is the augmented reality in 2009, MIT young students in India Pranav caused a sensation in a speech to the TED conference, he passed a "sixth sense" equipment described the concept of AR. After wearing the device, when people see a target, eyes will appear on the target information, such as composition, food prices, or approaching a stranger — like "terminator" in the robot. Reality (Augmented) referred to as AR, it through the computer technology, the application of virtual information in the real world, the real environment and virtual objects into the same space. AR technology was first used in the military, recently began to combine with smart phones. In the scenic tour, with a smart phone camera or AR glasses on the building, you can read its historical information. The principle is to build a virtual model, and it will be built together with the building, equivalent to a layer of virtual information on the construction of the film. As Prana said in his speech, "we are looking for an era where information technology is integrated with the real world." Prana introduced the sixth sense device at the TED conference. Market size or more than AR before the rise of virtual reality concerns, to create a virtual world of VR (virtual reality) technology has taken the lead on the air. Recently, there are entrepreneurs and investors turned to AR. According to Analysys released "China enhanced monographic study of real market report 2016", as of October 2015, Chinese AR industry has 8 companies to obtain financing, mainly concentrated in the A round or round Pre-A, the amount of financing companies more than 100 million yuan. AR is one of the companies that get financing. "The river becomes warm in spring ducks — bright wind Taiwan CEO Liao Chunyuan described his experience. He said that from the beginning of 2015, the company to negotiate more and more customers, you can feel the market is gradually becoming hot. Compared with VR, AR prospects seem clearer. Liao Chunyuan said that the application of VR is largely limited to video and games, AR applications can be extended to medical, tourism, transportation, education and other fields. Analysys mentioned in the report: the application of AR in the field of education, AR can be static text and image three-dimensional, enhance the reading interest; in the medical field, doctors can use this technique, the surgery in patients with part needed to create a virtual coordinate, precise positioning of the surgical site. International Data Corporation (IDC) also saw AR)相关的主题文章: