The real estate sector of the bucket Huaxia Investment Holdings busy words fall

The real estate sector of the bucket? Huaxia Investment Holdings busy words fall hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor each reporter Du Ranle in August this year, the real estate (000736, SZ) shares had a record high of nearly 24.5 yuan, than last year, A shares also mad cow fierce, despite the "inbred" once the restructuring plan unfinished, but does not prevent the stock of active. Recently, the real estate announced that its major shareholder holding more than 5% of the Hunan China Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as China investment) intends to hold 6 million shares in the next 6 months, the company’s total share capital of 2.02%. If you are not familiar with the operation of real estate investors will think this with other companies in A stock market holdings behavior there is no difference. But the "daily economic news" reporter found that Chinese investment during this period rallies large holdings of another meaning – not the right to speak, not as early as possible, what are you waiting for? 35 voted against or abstained after the reduction of real estate according to the announcement, only in October 11th and 19 of the two trading days, the Chinese Investment Holdings real estate 1 million shares and 1 million 300 thousand shares, reduction ratio were 0.336% and 0.437%, while the reduction of the average price of 14.58 yuan shares and 15.26 yuan shares. The Chinese investment intensive holdings of real estate, said publicly that China investment without the lowest price reduction in the company, "reform" and the increase commitment has been fulfilled. At present, the real estate as the largest shareholder holding 53.32% of the live in real estate, has been allocated to the others in the real estate group. The second largest shareholder holding 10.69% of the Chongqing Fu Group, the third largest shareholder holding 8.09% of the Chinese investment, the fourth largest shareholder holding less than 5% of the Xi’an Ziwei estate. The "daily economic news" reporter combing found that since the 4 major shareholders, since 2008 the implementation of the reform into the shareholding structure, has been relatively stable, but behind around the board but early decision problem. 2008 annual report shows that the real estate board seats 6 4 for the housing group and living estate, Yu Fu group and China investment accounted for 1 of board seats, one of the Chinese Investment Board on behalf of the company chairman Zhong fei. Since August 2012, Chinese investment company president Liu Zhaofeng sent his own interests in real estate as the representative of the new board of directors on behalf of the term as of 2015 August. It is understood that Liu Zhaofeng has served as director of the real estate in many motion had voted against or abstained, especially the real estate disclosure of its 2013 three quarterly, Liu Zhaofeng first questioned the authenticity of the report. The reason is that the real estate board of directors Liu Zhaofeng never take the initiative to report or disclosure of business activities and may help any information in its assessment of the operation of the company, to provide information to determine the authenticity of quarterly reports. Reporters combed found on housing相关的主题文章: