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Holidays London is a romance paradise. For couples, rekindling their romance is of prominent importance and there is nothing like a vacation to London. There is something in the weather, beautiful scenic beauty and the conventional buildings that one cannot resist drooling over. Take a look at some of the most romantic gestures one can do for their loved one, while in London. Romantic Excursions, Brit style Buy beautiful dried flowers and herb to brew a personal love potion. Many stores have a dedicated following for people who believe its ingredients can heighten love. Even if it is not supposed to happen for real, it will surely lend a feeling of love. You can also take a walk to the London Zoo and walk hand in hand while watching all the animals overlooked by natures bounties. This surely will evoke senses and make anyone appreciate the surroundings. A dinner cruise on the River Thames while overlooking the city lights is a definitely delight. Feast on sumptuous food and get enamored by the delicate wine with a loved one. Visitors who expect adrenaline to pump in the love also prefer touring on a high-speed boat. Take a walk along the Richmond Park and take on horse riding instead. This is an all-together beautiful and enriching experience. One can also get enrolled in a salsa class or try tango by the candlelight. Dancing is the most seductive and enchanting way to bond with each other. Romantic Stay in London Indulging in a luxurious hotel with a romantic theme is like cherry on the delicious cheesecake. Thankfully, London offers plenty of romantic luxury hotels and lodges that ensure a wide range of couple activities and theme-based rooms to sweep one off their feet like the good old times. The honeymooners appreciate such hotels as they have a long list of excursions on their agenda. Luxury hotels such as Alexandra Hotel and Restaurant , The Applegarth Villa Hotel, The Ashdown Park Hotel, The Bailiffscourt Hotel and Health Spa, and many more are some of the finest romantically themed hotels and townhouses that work overtime to spread love. These hotels indulge in various activities such as providing activities like couple rowing over the lakes, rooms with hot tubs for two; English eccentricity and charisma rolled in dinner dates, and dedicated massage rooms for the couples. Most of these hotels also have an in house library stocked with beautiful movies that are extremely coupled centric. Rent a DVD and sip on some wine or make buttery popcorn to bond with each other. Nothing is more important in love than good food and refreshing drinks. Enjoy the various fares that the in house chefs in each of the respective hotels have to offer to you. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: