The second Shanghai – California innovation dialogue, the opening of the elite of the total cooperat

The second "Shanghai – California dialogue" the opening of Shanghai elite were on the cooperative innovation – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Chen Jing) a number of Chinese and American business, academic and political elite 13 gathered in Shanghai to discuss the innovation and development of California and Shanghai issues. Second Shanghai – California innovation dialogue, the opening of 13, the dialogue across the Pacific to Shanghai. The Shanghai California innovation dialogue was co hosted by Fudan University and the University of Santiago, California. On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Science and technology commission chief engineer master Guo, executive vice president of Fudan University and the University of California, Santiago Bao Xin, executive vice president of Qualcomm communications professor Peter COWHEY policy attended the opening ceremony. Representatives from China and the United States universities, government, business, media and other institutions and guests of a total of more than 100 people attended the dialogue. The Vice Chancellor of the Fudan University Kanenobu said, from California to Silicon Valley to the Santiago Bay area, is one of the most dynamic areas of innovation, the most important thing in the world; Shanghai is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta region, with Chinese and Western cultural background, is the rapid development in science and technology innovation center with global influence. He said that although California and Shanghai have followed different patterns of innovation, the concept will be different; however, these two regions also has many of the same features, for example, both in promoting the development of life science and information technology, financial innovation intensive industries. Bao said that through extensive exchanges and dialogue frank and honest, will effectively promote China and the United States to deepen understanding, consensus, deepen cooperation and make new contributions to the development of China and the United States and the world. It is reported that in 2015, held in Santiago, the first session of the Shanghai – California innovation dialogue opened a new chapter in bilateral cooperation between China and the United states. The dialogue is held once a year, in turn held in Shanghai and Santiago, will continue to play a role in the University of communication between the government, enterprises and the innovation of service industry, in order to form an effective innovation and excellence alliance, share enterprise innovation experience, optimization and innovation of the ecosystem. Organizers said that such a dialogue to promote exchanges between Shanghai and California, as well as the world’s two largest economy, is of great significance. Santiago University of California, executive vice president of Qualcomm communications policy professor Peter COWHEY also said that the Shanghai – California dialogue is very important, the main reason is that not only provides opportunities for the two sides to meet regularly business representatives, to build a communication platform for the experts and scholars of Fudan University and the University of Santiago in California. During the two days of the meeting, the experts and scholars will focus on innovation, innovation of the prospect of Sino US California and Shanghai, the driving force of financial innovation, financial innovation power and other issues in-depth exchanges in various forms, including face-to-face meeting, questions and answers in and between enterprises. Organizers said that California and Shanghai exchanges covers the driving force of innovation involves many aspects from research to commercialization, including how to change and innovation in the form of system design, financial and commercial banks, venture capital, and individual investors)相关的主题文章: