The third batch of PPP project proposal list has been fixed size or over one trillion (with benefici exit safe mode

The third batch of PPP projects list has been set size or super trillion (with benefit shares) first financial reporter from the Ministry of finance PPP (government and social capital cooperation) Center learned that the third batch of PPP demonstration project of the expert review has been completed, according to expert opinion has formed a PPP demonstration project recommended list, need to join other 20 ministries ultimately determine the project list, this list will soon disclosed on the website of the Ministry of finance. 56 expert review more than 1 thousand project in early June this year, the Ministry of Finance jointly launched the 20 ministries to declare the work of the third batch of PPP demonstration project, aims to launch a group can be copied, can be extended to model case, to boost more PPP projects. Local government to declare positive. Prior to accepting the first financial interview in Yunnan, Hebei and other places of Finance Department official said that the number of third batches of local reporting PPP demonstration project is the number of the highest declaration given by the Ministry of finance is just the limit of the amount of 50. Finally, according to the Ministry of finance PPP data center, as of the filing deadline (July 25th), the Ministry of finance has received over the reporting project 1070, project total investment of about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, engineering, education, affordable housing culture, health care, pension, health, tourism, sports and other public services. Figure in 2014 and in 2015 the number of PPP reporting projects were 120 and 782, and this year the number of the first breakthrough, the amount of investment is far ahead of the two batch. In the third batch of PPP demonstration project evaluation experts, Yue consulting general manager Jin Yongxiang told the first financial reporter, September 6th to September 10th 5 days, a hotel and 56 experts from the field of PPP law, finance, consulting and ministries are concentrated in Beijing six ring, the third batch of more than 1 thousand projects are review. "The pressure is too big to get a good night’s sleep". These projects need to go through two levels, namely qualitative evaluation and quantitative evaluation. There are several red lines must not touch the qualitative assessment. For example, mode of operation shall not be used in build – transfer (BT) mode of implementation; the build – transfer mode (BT) project, disguised financing projects with guaranteed commitment, repurchase arrangements will not be accepted. Jin Yongxiang told the first financial reporter, where he has a total of 152 agricultural and forestry water conservancy project to declare the project, about 1/4 did not pass a qualitative review. Through qualitative evaluation, quantitative evaluation to declare the project, a total of 100 points, including the project implementation plan and project demonstration and extension value of 25 points, the implementation of the project schedule, the financial capacity of the 15 points, standardize the project materials and value evaluation of 10 points. Jin Yongxiang said, the final score of a PPP project average 7 expert score is the score given their PPP project is the highest 82 points, most of the projects in the main points and progress in the implementation of the project file specification. In order to steady growth, the third batch of PPP demonstration projects to review the project as soon as possible landing, focusing on project approval, land, environmental assessment and other approval procedures are perfect, whether the project has the value相关的主题文章: