The Tiangong two will be held tonight 22 04 launch – technology Sohu

The "Tiangong two" will be held tonight 22 04 launch technology – Sohu (CCTV financial news) Tiangong two space laboratory will be from 15 to 22 when the 04 launch, it is revealed that the deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, Wu held 14 pm at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Tiangong two space flight Laboratory the task of the press conference. Wu Ping said at the meeting, the mission headquarters decided, is scheduled for 15 22 04 launch Tiangong two space laboratory. 14 PM, the implementation of the launch mission of the Long March two FT2 rocket has begun filling propellant. Wu Ping said, launching Tiangong two space laboratory, the main purpose is to accept the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft to visit, astronauts completed the interim assessment for the long-term resident, flight crew life, work and health protection and other related technologies; accept one day boat cargo ship access verification on orbit adding propellant technology; development of Aerospace medicine and space science experiments and space technology, space station technology and maintenance and verification. She said, at present, execute Tiangong two spaceflight system, space applications, rocket systems, launch systems, communication systems and space laboratory system, has completed the comprehensive training, before the launch of the preparatory work has been basically completed. (Editor: Wei Yuanyuan)相关的主题文章: