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There’s always your food! The "grand track" "ace" and 10 film together eleven — Guangxi channel — September 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) in the film, an important node in each year is the national day of the file. Compared to the past, more films are released this year at the National Day archives. According to the box office in previous years, most of the films released at the national day show have achieved impressive box office results. Such as the 2014 "put heart flower road", National Day harvest 630 million yuan at the box office, the total box office reached 1 billion 5 million yuan; last year the National Archives "," Hong Kong? "Nine layer" and "save the demon tower Wu", the good box office but also gain a good reputation, the "Hong Kong"? It is leveraging the national archives, the box office is locked in a high of 1 billion 613 million yuan. Will the box office of this year’s National Archives exceed last year’s box office? We wait and see! As a warm-up, in September 29th, "from your world through" first released, opened 2016 national day schedule prelude. A total of ten different types of movies will be shown on the big screen, including "Jue Jing", "Mekong action", "trump card". One of your ten works is your dish! For those who are not ready to travel on vacation, watching movies at home is also a good way to go. Source: – entertainment channel     2016 09 30 April 11:13 share to: (commissioning editor: Chen Lulu, Pang Guanhua) 总有你的菜!“爵迹”“王牌”等10部新片扎堆十一档–人民网广西频道–人民网 人民网北京9月29日电 (记者吴亚雄)对电影而言,国庆档也是每年中一个不容忽视的节点。相较于以往,今年在国庆档上映的影片更多。按往年票房来看,国庆档上映的电影,大都取得了不俗的票房成绩。如2014年的《心花路放》,国庆档收获6.3亿元票房,其总票房达10.05亿元;而去年国庆档的《港?》、《九层妖塔》和《解救吾先生》,在取得上佳票房的同时也收获了好口碑,其中,《港?》更是借力国庆档,将票房锁定在16.13亿元的高位。今年的国庆档影片票房能否超越去年呢?我们拭目以待! 作为预热,9月29日,《从你的全世界路过》率先上映,拉开2016年国庆档期序幕。《爵迹》、《湄公河行动》、《王牌逗王牌》等总共十部类型各异的电影将先后亮相大屏幕。十部作品,总有一部是你的菜!那些不准备假期外出旅游的朋友,家门口看看电影,也是一种不错的度假方式。 来源:人民网-娱乐频道  2016年09月30日11:13 分享到: (责编:陈露露、庞冠华)相关的主题文章: