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Web-Design Building an identity for a brand is a time consuming process that needs lots of energy and resources. It takes time to establish brand recognition in a market where .petition is be.e tougher every day. Maintaining this brand identity is also an ongoing evolutionary process. But, destroying it takes only a few mistakes and boom, there goes your positive reputation and your brand identity is taken over by other brands. How businesses can make sure that they could build and successfully maintain a brand identity that is recognized and trusted? Especially how small businesses can build and sustain a brand identity without giving away too much of their limited resources, time and energies? Marketing is a vast field and brand identity is just one aspect of it. However, in this aspect businesses need to pay a lot of attention to minor details to make sure that it is sticky enough to develop a certain likeliness among their targeted markets. The purpose is to stand out of the crowd and be recognized as a unique brand among their .petitors. A professional logo design is the basic pillar of the brand development strategy. A logo design plays the role of an identifier, a mark, a symbol of that business and its brand. Consistency of design in all the marketing material published by the business is also an important practice in the process of brand building. A level of consistency can be maintained by using the same logo, same color scheme and same typography on all the published materials such as brochure design, banner design, web design and so on. Things that could kill a perfectly good brand are inconsistency in a .panys logo design and its web design, also the Inconsistency in logo design and the business or brand. For example if you have a logo that is mainly in black white and your web design is full of colors then it does not match your logo and hence it fails to develop the sense of togetherness and professional looks. It only takes a bad, stereotypical and unprofessional logo design to destroy a brands identity. But a bad web design, inconsistency in design at other places and lack of interest in smaller details could also be destructive factors. Marketing today is a battlefield only the warriors that are fast and quick to response can survive and only the smart ones can win. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: