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The fake   what is not the same — Sichuan channel — original title: the false what is not the same 7 day holiday is coming to an end, what is the experience of this trip, and left not the same as what? What are the new changes of tourists and scenic spots? Chengdu business daily 12 Sichuan Road interview with reporters scenic spots, transportation and other front-line staff, the introduction of special observation, with a view to provide a reference for the back of the big fake travel. Iasi high-speed return peak appeared on the 5 day of October 6th, the province’s major high-speed have ushered in return peak, but the 6 day at noon, Iasi traffic on the freeway is only at about two times, Iasi three high-speed traffic police brigade police told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the National Day holiday this year, Iasi high-speed return peak has been reached in advance in October 5th. This year National Day, beginning in October 5th, a large number of vehicles began to return, Iasi high-speed ushered in return peak day. Iasi high-speed traffic police statistics, only 5 a day, there are more than 30000 times the size of the vehicle safely and smoothly through the police section of asbestos, 10 hours of continuous stick, although Ganhaizi bridge (Chengdu direction) single road traffic, the speed limit is 40, ranking once over 5 km, but the 5 day of the section zero accidents, zero casualties zero retention. Iasi high-speed traffic police to remind, Ganhaizi bridge single channel down, 6 days return traffic is reduced, to 7 in the afternoon, Iasi expressway will be returned to normal traffic state. – train bus, Sanxingdui tourists increase "in the morning I came from Chengdu, half an hour to Deyang." Yesterday, the people of Chengdu, Liu Li with his family to Deyang students at home, the two people together in the urban area of Deyang Stone Park, East Lake mountain play. Liu Liding night train tickets, after dinner, she and her family to take a train to return to Chengdu. Take the 21:30 train to go back, half an hour to go back, feeling like a bus ride in Chengdu city." 3 days before the golden week, the Museum of the Sanxingdui scenic spot to give free of charge for the first 100 visitors by the welfare chengmian Lego rail travel, from the Sanxingdui Museum, "eleven Golden Week" 6 days ago, Sanxingdui 35 thousand and 400 passengers were tourists, an increase of 18.99%. The Leshan Giant Buddha Buddha tourists began to increase from the boat view of National Day holiday second days, Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area ushered in the peak tourist. However, compared with the same period in previous years, from October 2nd to 6, Leshan Giant Buddha scenic tourist volume decreased every day. It is worth mentioning that, because the mountains lined up next to the big Buddha feet need time too long, the boat concept of Buddha but tourists has increased year on year. According to the scenic area maritime department staff, the past few days, the amount of tourists by boat pier ticket record volume up to a day cruise voyage 400. The Four Girls Mountain scenic tourists increased significantly when the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan, the provincial highway 303 line of Yingxiu to Wolong were damaged, unable to pass. In September this year, the reconstruction of the road is completed, and from the implementation of bilateral release in October 1st. Chengdu 3 hours away from the Four Girls Mountain, many tourists have become one of the destinations of the golden week travel. Up to 6 days,)相关的主题文章: