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Parenting Many children are being raised by a single parent in these recent days than .pared to the early years when it was rare to find single parents as people regarded marriage as the best place to rear children. Single parenthood has be.e more .mon as a result of decline in interest in marriage by young people, with many opting to have babies and raise them on their own. Other reasons include divorce, death of a spouse and the .mon one which is unwanted pregnancies. Even with these reasons, single parents are increasing day by day and many are looking for ways to raise their children well. Most single parents would feel like they have to carry the burden of parenting on their own but this should not be the case. It is important that they involve their brothers and sisters if they have any so that the child can be aware that they have a family as well. The interaction will help them grow in areas that you may not be able to help them in. For example, for boys they should be exposed to sports by your male friends or brothers so that they can identify with a male figure in their lives. This should also be done by fathers who are raising their daughters as single parents as well so that they involve their sisters, aunts, mothers, female friends and cousins in the upbringing of the child. Single parenting groups are also a great way to interact with other single parents in your area. This is because this is a place where people who are similar to you get to share their experiences and helps one release any frustrations of what they are going through and also be encouraged that they are not alone. Another advantage of joining these groups is that you can learn from each other and even have someone talk to your child or children about matters that would be hard for you to talk to them about and vice versa. Generally, single parenting is a great experience for any parent as they see their children grow up to be responsible people. The main objective is to have a wonderful connection with your children so that they do not feel as if they are not as normal as other children. To succeed as a single parent depends on an individual and the advice they seek to make a change in the life of their children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: