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Hainan Island health tourism investment "money" no amount of Binhai has always been a hot spot for investment in tourism. Reporter Su Jianqiang photo Hainan Haicheng CIFIT Wen "integrated economic circle special investment activities. Newspaper reporter Li Yingting photo – reporter Luo Xia following a hot international tourist island of Hainan, the first year of tourism investment boom, Hainan tourism ushered in a new round of capital boom in Xiamen just the end of the nineteenth Chinese international investment and trade fair, Hainan tourism industry to reap the full – successfully signed more than 20 tourism projects, investment about 58 billion yuan, a number of well-known enterprises have invested in the construction of tourism projects in Hainan. The influx of a large number of new tourism projects, once again show the charm of the tourism industry in Hainan, but also for the development of health tourism in Hainan to increase stamina and vitality. Tourism and health become a hot spot of this fair, Hainan tourism through special investment promotion, forum, forum, exhibition and other means of investment promotion, and this one, a major innovation investment to high-profile industry: Tourism and health first joint appearance fair, and rewarding. Led by the Provincial Tourism Committee, with the provincial guard Planning Commission, Qionghai City, Wanning City, Hainan province tourism and health industry thematic investment activities held in this fair, the tourism industry and the health industry has been the focus of promotion, from Xiamen, Fujian, Hebei, Beijing and other places of tourist and health enterprises in charge of nearly 80 people attended the meeting. After the early active preparations, in the 2016 Xiamen investment activities in our province signed a total of tourism related projects 26, of which 1 financing projects, 1 projects of the 24 framework agreement, the agreement of investment projects, investment of 57 billion 970 million yuan agreement signed; medical and health industry projects 7, the agreement to invest 10 billion 700 million yuan; Qionghai city signed 3 projects the agreement to invest 2 billion 800 million yuan; Wanning city signed 2 projects, investment of 5 billion 300 million yuan agreement. Hainan tourism and health care industry investment in the work of outstanding results, showing the potential of health tourism development." The Provincial Tourism Commission official, this fair, Hainan tourism and health industry investment agreement signed a total of 31, accounting for 119 of the investment agreement of the 26% agreement, investment of 68 billion 670 million yuan, accounting for the province’s agreement to invest 134 billion 500 million yuan 51%. Capital flows into the tourism industry Nuggets signed 24 agreements tourism investment projects, the agreement invested $57 billion 970 million. The Provincial Tourism Commission and the Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co., Bank of Hainan, Limited by Share Ltd signed a financial cooperation agreement with Hainan Dudu investment; Tourism Management Investment Co. Ltd., Pu Shi (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, the construction of Hainan province self driving car travel O2O intelligent management service platform. Why choose a large number of tourist project landed in Hainan? In the contracted projects, Beida Jade Bird in Qionghai will be the development and construction of Boao Dragon Culture Park project. "Since the Hainan international tourism island national strategy, Beida Jade Bird will Hainan as an important investment.相关的主题文章: