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Traffickers new means of exposure, tell your children! Mother – Sohu in recent years, more and more the trafficking of children, child news broke, and a variety of means, a shiver all over though not cold. The reason is that the child’s awareness of strangers is weak. Do your children have a sense of self – protection to strangers? The second grade of a school in Zhuhai a neighbor girl and the third grade little brother go to school, by a strange man deliberately pushed on the way to school, the little girl after the injured man lied to take her to the hospital to go to school, but the girl refused to say, people have a say "five minute fix", the child was taken away. The real case: March 30, 2014, Fuzhou Gulou experimental primary school, a student at the school on the way, met an old lady following her, the way to speak, finally the child to a car pull up, but fortunately the child struggling clever escape. In March 2014, Taizhou citizens Ms. Guo as usual to the local red kindergarten, then 5 year old son Maomao home from school. However, "your son was taken away." The teacher’s reply, Ms. Guo will be scared to death. Taizhou Development Zone police after receiving the report, quickly formed a task force to carry out investigation, 4 hours after the rescue maomao. May 2014, Nanjing, Liuhe, a girl was taken away by a stranger’s mouth, causing concern after the incident, after the discovery of a pond far away from home, but has drowned. In September 2015, read the third grade students Huang in the school on the road met stranger, and was invited to the yellow car the way, students fear of traffickers so that: "my teacher in the back, you ask my teacher." Wit answer to leave. And the stranger in dealing with the baby how to cope wit 1 received a strange call to go out after the parents can directly tell the baby home calls do not receive, or will be set to landline call transfer. If you let the baby answer the phone, you can teach him to say: "my father in the bath, can not play again?"" Ask each other for a phone call and say, "my dad’s gonna give you a bath."." 2 strangers knock on the door must remind baby adults when they go out, the child to shut the door, a stranger knocked on the door, opened the door and don’t open the door; if the door should be asked who he was, and pretending to call adults; don’t tell any stranger things that mom and dad are busy doing other things, not to open the door, please he next time; if strangers do not leave, you can call the neighbors or alarm. 3 strangers on the road met a stranger on the road, remember not to listen, not to see, not three criteria; and clearly tell a stranger, the parents in the vicinity, or that "the father will pick me.". If a stranger still haunt you, while it is not prepared to be the place where many people run, screaming for help, the roadside caused people’s attention. 4 after school pick up the baby unless the parents agree, do not take the car is an iron discipline. If parents really need something others to take the baby, and the baby will set a "jietouanhao", then you know the words, treasure)相关的主题文章: