Trump launched the new economic plan experts say you still do not come

Trump launched the new economic plan experts say you still don’t come to power FX168 news Trump in 15, delivered a speech in New York, updated his economic plan. He said he would take a tough stance on trade partners and accelerate U.S. energy production by cutting taxes and legislation. He said that this would allow the United States to grow at least 3.5% GDP, and in the next ten years to create jobs in the United States, the United States once again dominated the standard of living in the world. Trump pointed out that weak economic growth is a threat to many americans. Since the last recession, the economy has grown by about 2% a year. But his plan has 2 big holes, which may result in less work. First, he opposes free trade and supports punitive tariffs, which could drive prices up and cause depression. Second, he wants to restrict immigration, while most economists think that legal immigration is a good part of the workforce. Mainstream economists have attacked his plans. Moodie analysts expect, the ruling will make 7 million jobs lost, stocks will fall by 12% by the end of. Economists at the University of Oxford point out that Mr Trump’s plan would shrink GDP by 5% and the economy by $1 trillion. Even economists who support Mr Trump say they need to analyze the situation. Of course, Trump has always been an expert. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: