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1 American B-1 bombers to Korea demonstrations in China’s statement (2) – Sohu military channel page second: China called on both sides should be rational restraint in the twelfth round of Sino Russian strategic security consultation, Yang Jiechi pointed out that President Xi Jinping and President Putin under the guidance of the Sino Russian war slightly in-depth development of partnership, collaboration and depth the breadth of hitherto unknown. The two heads of state held the third meeting this year in just the end of the twenty G20 summit in Hangzhou and reached important consensus on the further development of Sino Russian relations and cooperation in various fields data figure: U. S. B-1B flew over the peninsula. Yang Jiechi stressed that the current world and regional situation is undergoing complex and profound changes. As a permanent member of the Security Council and the major emerging market countries, China and Russia share broad common interests and shoulder important responsibilities in safeguarding regional and world peace and stability. The two sides should maintain close communication, implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, strengthen communication, consultations and cooperation in the field of strategic security, strengthen mutual support, deepen coordination in international affairs. Pat Rusche J said that Russia’s comprehensive strategic cooperation is at the highest level in history. The 20 anniversary of the strategic partnership of cooperation between Russia and Russia on the occasion of the establishment of "good neighborly and friendly cooperation treaty" signed 15 anniversary, Russia is ready to work with China to comprehensively implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, continue to strengthen strategic communication and cooperation, promote regional and world peace, stability and prosperity. The two sides also on the situation in the Korean Peninsula, the situation in Central Asia, BRIC countries and the relevant regional hot issues in-depth consultations and exchanges, reached broad consensus. The two sides agreed to continue to make good use of Sino Russian strategic security consultation mechanism to promote the deepening of Sino Russian strategic security cooperation. Q: according to the "India times" reported that the Japanese government is trying to sell to India $1 billion 600 million worth of weapons and equipment, the Japanese side will try to cut prices, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in defense and security, and to encourage the India in the South China Sea issue China active voice. Do you have any comment on this? A: I have noticed the report of the India times. We have no objection to normal cooperation, including defense cooperation. But if someone is selling to cooperation is not so bright, may be distasteful. Q: China’s opposition to the deployment of the United States in South Korea Sade system position is very clear. Do you think the deployment of the United States in Korea, Sade system will affect the extent to which China’s decision-making and response to the DPRK? Is there a direct relationship between the two? Is it because of this, the Chinese government is reluctant to comply with the wishes of the United States to increase sanctions against the DPRK? Answer: everything in the world is always linked to each other. China’s position on these two issues is very clear. China has always stressed that the origin of the issue of the peninsula complex, and ultimately must be resolved through dialogue and consultation. Whether it is the United States or South Korea, who really think that the deployment of "Sade" can solve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue once and for all? Facts have proved repeatedly that the security concerns of all parties concerned on the peninsula should and must be resolved only in the manner in which they are in the interests of all parties. Any pursuit of absolute security, only from their own.相关的主题文章: