U.S. judge on the black Morgan chase hacker said bitcoin is also considered money hyuna

The black American judge JP Morgan said: hackers bitcoin is money Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 20th morning news Monday, together to JP Morgan and other companies suffered hacker attacks in a criminal case, a federal judge ruled that the bitcoin currency equivalent. The United States District Court judge Alison (Alison Nathan) · Nathan in Manhattan dismissed Anthony · Ji Mu Austria (Anthony Murgio) the request for revocation of the latter two with its name Coin.mx website related litigation, after prosecutors argued that the site is illegal in a bitcoin exchange. Muzio believes that bitcoin does not belong to the fund, not within the scope of the federal law prohibits the transfer of funds without a license within the scope of the provisions. But Nathan judges to follow its colleagues Jed · (Jed Rakoff); rakov in 2014 a case, that conform to the legal definition of virtual currency. Bitcoin is the common sense of the capital, "Nansen wrote. Bitcoin can be used to pay for the purchase of goods and services, or directly through the bank account transactions. Therefore, the function of capital source can be used as the medium of exchange and the means of payment." The judgment is not involved in other six criminal charges related to Muzio, Nansen wrote. Muzio’s lawyer, ·,, (Brian), said the ruling was not satisfied with the Klein. "Anthony · Muzio insists he is innocent and expects to remove his name from the upcoming trial," he added. Prosecutors accused Muzio of manipulating Coin.mx last year, and in April accused his father, Mike, of taking bribes to support the site. Government data show that all Coin.mx is an Israeli man Gary · (Gery, Shalon); salon he together with two other people, suspected of large-scale computer hackers and fraud schemes, more than a dozen companies for the victims of JP Morgan, the more than 100 million people’s personal information was exposed. Prosecutors say the alleged scheme has made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by raising stock prices, online casinos, money laundering and other illegal activities. This Monday, a court records show, Sharon pleaded not guilty, is being held in the Manhattan metropolitan Correctional Center (Metropolitan Correctional Center). He hired a new lawyer last month and is seeking permission to replace the lawyer, who will be involved in the trial in June next year. The case for the U.S. government to prosecute Muzio, who belongs to the Southern District Court of New York, the case number is 15-cr-00769. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: