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Business True Religion Jeans Jeffery from California and Kym, in the sunny West Coast, jeans and music accounted for most of the location of their lives, the couple files in love with the design of jeans, but also fascinated by the explosive rock and roll, denim brand founded two years ago True Religion, the two made, a clever .bination, logo thumbs on one hand, Buddha hand holding the guitar, they will pass out of jeans, rock and roll is considered the most faithful in this life of faith. "East has Chip & Pepper, west, True Religion ", the U.S. denim market is very unique, each brand has obvious boom cycle arc, as long as the subject of a heat and a fade, the designers will be re-packaging, bring out New dishes, the introduction of new brands and ideas, True Religion Although only two years in the market, but behind the husband and wife team responsible for the design of this early before the advent of there own brand, design jeans for them, that is, a can Continue to play a new game challenge. Affliction Jeans Affliction clothing brand is the United States, the brand aesthetic patterns in .plex theme, pay more attention to color matching, gives a strong visual impact, the visual sense of fashion! Affliction literal translation is a pain, distress. The California apparel brand in the country almost impossible to see, but can be seen on its official website, especially the fashion circles in the United States, rock is very red circle. Almost all the clothes are painted one above the skull and other bones, but for his lovers, is this the dark without borders to attract them. BAPE Jeans Bape Harajuku’s leading brand in Japan by the Japan’s Bunka Fashion College graduate designer Nigo founded in November 1993, "easy ape"LOGO Central Village Shinichiro design. Bape An to start T shirt, unique design and the limited supply, and slowly the tide of people in Japan have a reputation. Designer Nigo began slowly after the other clothes design, development so far have been women, children clothing, shoes, and many of the cards, any with this ".fort ape" pattern of all .peting products will be.e the object of pursuit. 2001 appears Bape Women brand BAPYBusyWorkingLady, for young OfficeLady groups, and the original source of inspiration has nothing to do, the designer is KIKO, costumes are lovely playing elements, such as ice cream, Leopard, etc. In addition Bape, a number of products in the women’s and children’s clothing appeared on the small monkeys called BABYMILO Bape representative of the toy series. Japan’s leading brand Bape Harajuku full name is "ABathingApeinLukewater", which means easy living ape-man, graduated from the Institute of Japanese culture, designer clothing Nigo founded in November 1993, "easy ape"LOGO Central Village Shinichiro design. In addition, the red monkey jeans has 46 types, and just need 80$. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: