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"Year of youth" submit "network station network" double excellent report that year the youth we just _39 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, "that we just watch youth" Tencent entertainment news "I’m seventeen years old, in a youth, leaving a scar. At this time we have lost the courage of youth, but also gradually understand, that has been my feelings, always accompany you around, time will tell us that someone will let you in the heart, love grow again." – this sentence is deeply engraved into the hearts of the audience, even after the end of the drama, but also stirred up memories of youth, as if to let everyone back to the year of youth. Recently, by the Shanghai Yu Xuan Culture involved in production of the youth idol drama "the year of youth" we just after major television ratings success and gains in the network, lit one. According to statistics, the amount of network play is play chasing record soared to 4 billion 500 million, had three consecutive days to break the non IP network drama day to play the amount of record, more in the end of the 400 million consecutive daily mad stopped play. It is understood that the Ministry of culture jointly produced by Shanghai Yu Xuan and Jiangsu billion, the city and the mammoth studio inspirational Youth Drama "Youth" is that we just then file the popular series "Ode to joy" heavy work. Take the drama network station network ", directed by Zhang Silin, Liu Shishi, Zheng Kai, Li Haoxuan, Danny, Liu Dongqin and other actors starring broadcast during prime time TV half past seven night stalls in Zhejiang China blue theater and Oriental TV Dream Theater broadcast, every day in the network broadcast platform update. It is worth mentioning that the drama launch day, Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, two popular TV ratings reached breaking 1 good results. This phenomenon, many people feel curious, this seemingly ordinary youth idol in what way have made such audience market? It is reported that, with the same schedule of the idol drama ratings and lack of network traffic is good, or realistic drama ratings but strong network click unsatisfactory compared to "that" we just play in the youth’s ratings and network performance, especially the data of continued webcasting awesome, not only because of the characters of the twists and turns of youth the audience emotional resonance, is to give the audience the play with all their creative affirmation.相关的主题文章: