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Home-Improvement Bedroom is not just a place where one sleeps; in fact, it is a heavenly abode, where one relaxes and feels utmost .fort. The climatic affect effects the harmony of the room, so to maintain the soothing touch, it is important to make certain alterations in the room. To beat the scorching summers you should prepare well in advance and make your dwelling a place that protects you from the harsh weather affects. Here are certain tips that would make you give a cooling touch to the bedroom and make it utter soothing place. Tips for bringing coolness to bedrooms: Make sure that your dcor has light colors shades: In summers, light colored surrounding gives a calming feel. So, you can get the walls & interiors in light shades. This not at all means, that you have to change the .plete interior every 6 months with the change of season. You can act smart by adopting some smart tips. Instead of painting the walls, use soothing colored wallpapers. This isnt costly and gives smart look as well. You can use curtains & blinds in light shades & sheer fabric. This would control the light from .ing in the room during day time. To save on the cost you can shop for cut piece fabric from retail or online shops, as these costs much less. Change the carpets of the room. Instead of .pletely covering the floors with one carpet, place small rugs at bedside and door. This would also give a changed look to the room. Bring in the floral feel: Get in beautiful flower stems and place them on side stands or bedsides. This adds in the charming & relaxing touch. You can also place some indoor plants that are meant to circulate fresh air in the surrounding by releasing more oxygen. To add to the floral touch, you can get the furnishing in floral prints as well. Flowers also bring gentle fragrance to the ambience. This also brings freshness in the room. However, for fragrance, different room fresheners with varying fragrance of rose, jasmine, sandalwood, etc. are quite preferred these days. Play with warmth of lights: The lights in the room have great role to play during summers. Have you ever noticed that the yellow lights or halogen lights make the ambience warmer as .pared to CFL lights? Yes! It is actually true. So you can also play with lights. Instead of lamp shades with halogen bulbs you can use CFL bulbs in different colors especially white or blue. These are some simple to be adopted tips for styling the bedrooms during summers. Nonetheless, if you want to add the romantic touch as well, then you can capably play with the tunes of soft music as well. All the best, have a cooling ambience this season with these tips. If you have more such ideas, then you can share them in the .ment box. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: