Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain 1 meters high stone falling by 1 candy boy

Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain 1 meters high stone fall injured 1 people original title: Hunan |1 meter high stone glass plank on Tianmenshan Mountain, tourists climbing photo risk has always been one of the Zhangjiajie scenic holiday tourists bursting. Tianmenshan Mountain scenic cliffs Panlong glass plank open for nearly two months, a lot of love challenge, want to completely suspended glass plank to prove your courage, but it also spawned a lot of "supporting the wall family". Recently, a visitor put his hands on the stone mountain in Tianmenshan Mountain of the glass cliff, looking for the best camera angle. Unexpectedly, hand held stone suddenly fell off, hit a glass plank on camera sitting in the female tourists. Scenic responsible person, glass plank is curved, the mountain is not completely smooth, the time of the incident, the male tourists are standing on a stone, a hand pulled side about 1 meters high in the stone, the stone did not expect all of a sudden fall, not only his bruised, right hit next to a sitting on the glass picture of female tourists, was also hit a glass crack. Scenic spot injured tourists will be sent to the hospital, while the emergency replacement cracked glass. After examination, the visitors foot comminuted fractures. Scenic official said, Panlong glass plank length of 100 meters, 1.6 meters wide, the path along the cliff, and many tourists because of fear to hold the mountain wall, there are people on the ground to walk, be walked, screaming to ear, more tourists are nervously walking close to the wall. At present, the spot has a comprehensive inspection and. (Xiaoxiang Morning News)相关的主题文章: