Zhoukou has 71 years history of the Republic of China property certificate has historical value (vid ca1834

The property permits during the period of the Republic of Zhoukou existing 71 years of history has historical value recently, Zhoukou economic and Technological Development Zone ten Xu Zhai Xing Zheng Cun Li Pu Cun Yan in the circle of friends of the sun a little piece of the Republic of China’s land property certificates, and immediately attracted friends punctuate like a. Yesterday morning, late brother came to Mr. Yan home, see his family three generations long preservation of real estate vouchers. Mr. Yan told his brother that the three yellowed papers were kept by his grandfather to his father, and then handed over to him by his father. The family had always been regarded as an antique and kept at home. Late brother noticed that the three pieces of paper were of different sizes and the color of the paper was different. A two yellow in a point of the Republic of China is thirty-four of the land deed tax certificate, the name of Yan Fuqing (Note: the thirty-four year of the Republic of China in 1945) the other one is in thirty-five years of land sale contract documents, the name and the first belongs to the people, have some damage, yellowed paper, was on the whole and complete. While a larger is the certificate of land and house property, the paper also slightly yellow, is after the founding of the people’s government issued by the Shangshui county. No. 00006, time is Yijiuwuji years, all names are Yan Bingzhi, Wei Lanzhi, Yan just, county magistrate Li Quan road. Certificate of land and house property is clearly written by selling land area, at the same time, both sides have Shangshui County People’s government documents seal. "This certificate of land and house property above the name is my grandfather, grandmother and father’s name, and the written Fuqing should be my master yan." Mr. Yan said that when the father gave him, there was no more evidence to tell these things. However, the location of the house described above is exactly where he lives according to the land property ownership certificate. Ten shop village has more than 2000 people in four hundred or five hundred households, the surname is more than 10, most of them are migrated from the field to the village in the. Mr. Yan said, listening to my grandfather talk about his ancestral home is in Puyang City, and later settled down to ten in common Pu Cun, Shangshui county. In order to verify the authenticity of the land property certificate and the value of existence, the late brother contacted Zhoukou cultural relics experts, according to experts, these documents are indeed the Republic of China period, is genuine, has a certain historical value. "This land property certificate is no doubt true, but the distance from our present age is not long-term, and the amount of retention is relatively large, so, there is no great economic value, can not change how much cash." Experts said. Video: the Land Rover with real estate license crazy love sister & #23628; wire man refused

周口现有71年历史的民国时期房产证 具有历史价值近日,周口经济技术开发区许寨行政村十里铺村的闫先生在朋友圈晒了一下一张民国时期的土地房产证,立刻招来朋友圈点赞一片。昨天上午,晚哥来到闫先生家中,看到他家三辈人保存已久的房产凭证。闫先生告诉晚哥,这三张泛黄的纸张是他的爷爷交给他父亲保管,再由他父亲转交给他的,家人一直视为古董存放在家中。晚哥注意到,这三张纸张大小不一,纸的颜色也不相同。较黄的两张中一张小点的是民国三十四的土地契税凭证,姓名为闫富清(注:中华民国三十四年是1945年)另一张是民国三十五年土地卖契凭证,姓名和第一张属于一人,已经有些破损,纸张泛黄,总体上还算完整。而较大的一张是土地房产所有证,纸张也略微泛黄,是建国后由商水县人民政府颁发的。编号为00006,时间是一九五几年,所有人姓名是闫秉智、魏兰枝、闫国才等,县长李泉路。土地房产所有证上也清楚的写着土地所出售面积,同时,证件两侧还有商水县人民政府官印。“这土地房产所有证上面的写的姓名是我爷爷、奶奶和父亲的名字,而民国上写的闫富清应该是我太爷的。”闫先生说,父亲交给他时也没有更多的讲这些凭证的事。不过,根据土地房产所有证上面描述的房屋位置正是他现在居住的地方。十里铺村有两千多人四五百户人家,姓氏就是十多个,大部分都是从外地迁移到本村落户的。闫先生说,听爷爷讲他的祖籍是濮阳市,后来逃荒落户到商水县十里铺村。为了验证这张土地房产证的真伪及存在的价值,晚哥联系到周口市文物专家,据专家介绍,这几张凭证确确实实为民国时期的,是真品,具有一定的历史考证价值。“这张土地房产证毫无疑问是真的,但是,距离我们现在的年代不算长远,并且留存量比较大,所以,没有很大的经济价值,兑换不了多少现金。”专家介绍说。相关视频: 陆虎姐携房产证疯狂求爱屌丝男遭拒相关的主题文章: