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Zhoushan sister from apple after the resignation of the company also opened 2 million financing in Zhoushan have such a sister when the hotel tried to sleep, her name is Le Yulve. When she traveled around China, all kinds of hotels to write reviews micro-blog, a lot of people travel consultant. And her illustrations are especially interesting. Later, she went to the Apple Corp to do a year of internal staff training, thriving business, 29 years old, but she resigned! "The Shenjiamen girl dare to talk to her, feel her maturity, but inside, she is still the stubborn minded girl. 14 years old, she is a man carrying 3 bags to come to Hangzhou to learn painting, lost, missed the train, she never complains, rich travel experience allows her to think dialectically: "every time the unlucky experience, it is the precursor of happiness comes." In 2010, by virtue of her clarity Weiweidaolai narrative style and her design skills, vivid hand-painted illustrations, become a tourist site in Zhejiang province only hotel sleep tester. Only six months, she was promoted to become the hotel channel product manager. In the meantime, she has not forgotten their dreams, set up a studio to carry out hand-painted paintings. In June 2015, at a friend’s recommendation, half the time saw by the 6 interview, she entered the Apple Corp, mainly responsible for internal staff training. Apple related products on how to use the painting software, event planning, she dabbled. The company culture makes her very enjoyable, "to encourage people to accept the challenge, out of comfort zone." So she quit again. The resignation of the gift, is one of their own experiments, she always likes to give themselves a problem, let oneself say goodbye to the status quo. Prior to her resignation, she gave her colleagues a parting gift, spent 150 hours, creating a long scroll, will be drawn out of the 218 colleagues. She said, this is more of a creative experiment of their own, "very few people know according to the plan, and implement it with scientific methods, I also in the study." The most difficult time, to 170 people. "Like the midnight oil, but 40 kilometers, but is very tired, how also not to feel. Fortunately, I know that there are still 48 people." She is the outsider with the nature of the state, said to myself: "I think the person who live relatively cool, step by step design life is very boring, but later came to understand, the kind of people who can control themselves, really have absolute freedom." For example, if you want to have a good figure, you will have the goal to exercise in stages. If you want to learn more about a skill, you will learn it by stages. And usually do not see the process of their endless energy consumption. She said, her ultimate goal in life is to live, enjoy, and helped one hundred million people have their own works of art. Never give up love, can let you be glittering in the sleep tester, who asked her the way to ask the hotel people, many have quietly followed up her painting. "Because they are interested in the initiative to contact painting, mostly zero basis, I use the method to guide them to create, the feelings between each other." Le Yulve found that the network world will spread far from her specialty. Le Yulve after the departure of the original studio to do the adjustment,.相关的主题文章: