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Aries: People with the zodiac sign Aries need a very robust computer. He has to survive the betimes fit of rage of the impulsive Aries. Taurus: The Taurus likes to be on easy street. He loves tasty meals, a nice wine to drink and to relax. That s why the computer of the Taurus needs a broad case for his sweets and the small delicious finger food. Geminis: For the communicative Geminis the computer is very important to contact the whole world. They need internet to check one s emails, to chat and to accumulate knowledge. A computer without internet access is worthless for them. Cancer: Cancer are domestic and sensitive. But computer are this definitively not. For cancer, most of them are too ugly fot their comfortable ans lovely home. Leo: Leos are sometimes a littlebit lazy. So it s obvious that it s not the Leo, who buys his own computer but rather his partner. Virgo: Virgos are hardworking, modest and intelligent. They know exactly which computer is the best and where they can get it cheaper. Libra: Libras don t like decisions. That means a lot of work for the salesman. He has to present and explain every product. After a long time probably the Libra choose the most aesthtic computer. Scorpio: The Scorpio is very passionate. If he has a computer with internet access, he will use it to search for potential love affairs. Sagittarius: Sagittarius are very spontaneous. When they decided to buy a new computer, it could happen, that they see on their way a horse and buy this instead of the computer. Capricorn: Sometimes, people with the zodiac sign Capricorn can be very stingy. That s why most of them have only old computer and will buy someone new only, when the old one burns him up. Aquarius: The Aquarius is revolutionary and ingenious. It would be hardly surprising if Aquarius was essentially responsible for the invention of the computer. 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